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Mobile Applications

Revolutionize Mobile Installations

Dried out fields where equipment blows up dust. Icy streets that are cleared by snow plows. Soggy forest floors where harvesters fight slime and mud. These special-purpose vehicles have to perform reliably under the most demanding conditions. They need to be reasonably priced and should be able to be repaired quickly in the event of a failure. 
Murrelektronik’s components help build vehicles that do exactly that. With our products it’s possible to implement solutions that can be attached to machines rapidly and where damaged cables can be replaced with minimum effort. Our solutions are excellent alternatives to wiring harnesses. They allow manufacturers to produce more machines in the same time while end users benefit from shorter service times and maximized productivity.

Wiring of sensors and actuators for Mobile Applications

Wiring of Sensors and Actuators

Variety of Options

Murrelektronik distribution boxes are the ideal solution for connecting sensors or actuators (such as hydraulic valves, temperature sensors, pressure transmitters, and rotary encoders) to a control unit. They can be used to reduce existing wiring harnesses or replace them altogether. Either way, the installation becomes much easier. Murrelektronik cordsets are robust, sealed, are fully tested and have proven their success in practice over many years. Customers can choose their connector style, cable materials, and lengths and, in many cases, can order a single piece.

Signal and Distribution

Murrelektronik MVP XTREME and xtremeDB®

With passive distribution boxes and the right cables, a modular system can be easily and conveniently installed in mobile machines. The use of pre-wired cordsets prevents connectors from being connected incorrectly while ultra-bright LEDs display the signal status that can be clearly seen in direct sunlight. All of our components can be cleaned using high-pressure water jet.

Signal and distribution with Murrelektronik MVP XTREME and XTREME DB for Mobile Applications
CAN-based wiring and distribution with IP65/67 protection class for Mobile Applications

CAN-based Wiring and Distribution

IP65/67 Rated

When wiring fieldbus components it‘s important to prevent installation errors and stay within the physical limits. Murrelektronik’s pre-wired, fully tested cordsets and distribution boxes are designed to prevent these errors. End customers benefit from this high-quality installation with shorter repair and downtimes.

Modular Cable Harnesses

Need to add additional signals or change a cable length? The modular design of Murrelektronik’s cable harnesses makes it possible to change the wiring with little advance notice. Working with prefabricators becomes a thing of the past...

Long-lasting Components

Murrelektronik’s mobile hydraulic connectors are simple to use, easy to install, reliable products for harsh environments. Our Deutsch® style, Super Seal and M12 xtreme connectors are pre-molded saving you time and money during installation

CAN and Ethernet Based Wiring Solutions

Our IP65/67 rated, shielded fieldbus components are designed for mobile applications. They reduce installation errors on the front end and their LED diagnostics shorten downtimes once the machine is up and running.

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