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The Cube67 fieldbus system offers maximum flexibility for installation concepts. Thanks to the large selection of different modules, you can find and implement the optimum solution for your application, ranging from a wide variety of industries and sectors. These examples show application examples from the real world of industrial machines and systems.

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Cube67 in the assembly and handling technology

A Cube system, with its flexibility and compact dimensions, is suited for applications with limited installation space like those in assembly or handling technology. The modules are placed next to the process. The multi-functional ports and the large number of channels (up to 32 IOs per module) make them optimal to fulfill the requirements of this industry. The system cable reduces routing paths. Not only does Cube connect various digital, analog and IO-Link sensors and actuators, it also integrates valve manifolds into the installation in an economical and effective way. “Machine Option Management” (MOM) minimizes restart times after tool changes or conversion of machines and installations.

Cube67 in machine tools

The robust, fully potted Cube modules and their system components can withstand the effects of oils and lubricants. They ensure the installation has a long service life. Even high curent valves (up to 2 A) can be operated without any problems. Extensive diagnostics options ensure maximized productivity.

Cube67 in logistics

Terminal boxes are not needed due to flexible module arrangement and multi-functional configurable ports of the I/O modules. This reduces the installation effort. The integrated IO check makes it possible to commission partial areas of the installation. As the system bus line can be plugged, machine parts can be separated for transport and quickly be reconnected and commissioned after setup. Function modules with an RS485 and IO-Link interface facilitate the use of RFID sensors and other complex sensors. This enables networked automation in logistics applications.

Cube67 in automotive industry

In automotive production, value creation is tightly linked to minimizing downtimes of machines and installations. The Cube system’s M12 ports along with “Machine Option Management” (MOM) and the automated addressing function enables short setup times. The Cube67 Diagnostic Gateway offers extensive diagnostic data online via any web browser. This data can also be transferred to many cloud analytics applications via OPC-UA.

Cube67 in robotics

Thanks to “Machine Option Management” (MOM), tool changes can be done very quickly. This minimizes downtime and increases production. The system cable is torsion-resistant and needs very little space in the cable assembly. The compact design of the Cube modules together with their high vibration and shock resistance makes them a perfect choice for robotics applications.

Cube67 in food & beverage

The robust IP69K Cube modules with hygienic design enable active installation solutions suitable for food zones. Costly junction boxes and complex installations are not required. A single Cube system cable reduces costly parallel routing of individual cables on stainless steel screens to a minimum.

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Cube67 in packaging

The Cube system’s “Change the protocol but not the system” makes installations and machines ready for global use. The Cube system processes signals with function modules (counter, logic) directly in the field, enabling shorter reaction times. Drives (MOVIMOT®) are controlled by the system in an economical and simple way.

Cube67 in wood processing

Wood processing is all about flexible and efficient solutions. The Cube system with its variety of modules enables solutions for even the most challenging applications. Planning and installation efforts can be significantly reduced this way.

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