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January 15, 2018

Tree M: Perfect networking in the field

The Murrelektronik IP67 managed switches ensure fast data communication and seamless networking. They offer extensive diagnostic functions and assistance with rapid troubleshooting to considerably reduce expensive downtimes.

The switches are compact and fully encapsulated, making them both robust and durable. They can be used in industrial settings, including dirty and rough environments. The M12 connections are water-tight and offer IP67 protection. Shifting the network technology into the field saves valuable space inside the rack cabinet.

Thanks to the practical and intuitive web interface, it takes little time to get started.

The switches can diagnose a wide range of situations and record network statistics. The topology is mapped automatically in order to detect when lines fail. Downtimes are reduced through the detection of channel errors and losses. Even gradually developing errors can be identified by the system’s web server.

Network security was a high priority in designing the switches. The management interface is protected by a password, and the switches automatically detect unknown or unauthorized devices on the network.

The Murrelektronik managed switches offer an inexpensive way to bundle Ethernet-based sensors, such as vision sensors, for the automation of handling and packaging.

Special ProfiNet variant

The new Murrelektronik tree-managed ProfiNet switch type supports ProfiNet according to Conformance Class B and can also be easily put into operation with a GSDML file via the Siemens TIA portal.

With its automatic top-down name assignment, startup is a quick process. Network availability is improved considerably with the help of the integrated ProfiNet topology recognition and the prioritizing of ProfiNet telegrams.

Maintenance is greatly simplified by the ability to immediately restart machines and plants after a replacing a module thanks to the automatic ProfiNet name assignment. Ring topologies (media redundancy, MRP) can also be carried out with the ProfiNet switch to improve plant uptime by providing redundancy within the installation.


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