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Modlink® MSDD

Front Panel Interfaces

Connection to the Outside World

Modlink MSDD interfaces provide convenient access to the controls when diagnostics or service work is necessary. The cabinet door stays closed so your machine or installation can maintain the recommended protection class. Which makes sure the components in your cabinet are unaffected by the elements in the environment.

We will laser your text or logo on the Modlink MSDD at no charge (for any number of parts)

The Modlink MSDD service interfaces are situated in an easily visible location on the switch cabinet. They are perfect for attaching system labels, barcodes, and warnings. It is no longer necessary to install additional signs. Dealers and rack cabinet manufacturers can advertise by using the area as a prominent position for their logo.

How to Customize Modlink MSDD (PDF)

Modular Design for Worldwide Applications

  • Doors stay closed for diagnostics and service
  • Protect cabinet components & maintain safety regulations during service
  • Over 100,000 insert & frame combinations
  • Interface with embedded RCBO
  • All international outlets
  • Wide range of data connectors
  • Perfect for global applicationswith country-specific solutions
  • Certified according to cURus
  • UL Type Rating 1, 4, 4x, 12, and 13
Lid Options
Good Mechanics
Easily closed
Choices to Meet Your Needs

Both single and double Modlink MSDD frames are available with your choice of a transparent, silver or fiberglass-reinforced lid.

Integrated spring

An integrated spring keeps the lid of the Modlink MSDD open at a 30° angle.  This makes it possible to see whether or not the lid has been left open.

Murrelektronik easily closed pictogram
Simple to use

Modlink MSDD is closed with the turn of a 3mm double bit key. A snap in knob is also available.

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